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Captain Jean-Luc Picard
April 30, 2008, 5:27 am
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My friend Mandy shared this with me. I have had a big fat crush on Jean-Luc Picard/Patrick Stuart for a LONG time. In 11th grade English instead of paying attention in class, my friend Liz and I would take turns writing silly stories usually with Patrick Stuart as the male romantic lead. I think I’ve listened to this about 10 times, and it really becomes more enjoyable with each viewing. One of these days I want to project it onto a wall and watch it on loop for at least 1 hour. I’m a woman of simple pleasures.

Behold, the majesty:


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i don’t know how i possibly could have missed this about you, i mean after all these years! (eh, a couple;) i was watching a rerun just a couple of days ago- picard dressed up in 19th century wares, time-travelling, saving the world while having a conversation with mark twain *sigh* you know, the usual. idea- dara and tess film festival!
1. brad neely’s harry potter movie
2. flight of the conchords
3. loop picard video
4. something ridiculously, hopelessly bollywood
love you!

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