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Second Wind
May 4, 2008, 5:11 am
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I found a really weird SEO optimization rap and was a little boggled, more on that one later. I’m so tired I can’t tell if it’s funny.

Anyway, I clicked around for something amazing, and this appeared. I haven’t seen this since Comic Con last year. I am not even going to ATTEMPT to analyze and make commentary on this right now. Just watch and listen.

Okay, a bit of commentary. I am taking this differently a year later since I’ve gotten a bit more perspective on social issues in my town.  This is a really biting satire, the person who posted this said, “This was shot on BET Animation and 106 and Park. IT IS A SATIRICAL OBSERVATION ON THE CURRENT RIDICULOUS, OFFENSIVE, AND EMBARRASSING STATE OF THE ONCE NOBLE ART OF HIP HOP. THE RAPPER WHO MADE THE SONG IS ALSO SATIRING THE CURRENT POPULAR RAP MUSIC WHICH IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO EVERYTHING RAP WAS. WHILE MAKING THIS SOCIAL SATIRE, HE ALSO PROVIDE A POSITIVE MESSAGE AND A SOCIAL COMMENTARY.”  The line “I want to go platinum is very telling. Very, very interesting. I need to think about this more. Maybe I should, oh, sleep on it or something.  48 hours with no sleep is making me feel a bit light headed.


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