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New Tutu Design!
May 10, 2008, 6:42 am
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I’m busily working on products/design ideas for my new costuming site (hopefully up by mid June for Crafty Bastards). I love tutu’s quite a bit, and would love to offer various custom tutu options. My friend Alisa wanted to do a photoshoot, so of course I thought “what a great opportunity to make another tutu”. So I did. I’m very pleased with how it came out, and I have more materials to make a primary colored rainbow one 🙂

365 New Tutu

Even my dog likes it.

I love my baby

By the way, I got word today that my grant proposal for Firefly was approved. My submission was “DIY Costumefest 2008, holla” AKA “Sparkle Rainbow Pony Princess Fun Time Tutu Party”. The representative called me today and said, “We loved the idea of a bunch of adults running around in the forest in Tutus.” I like the idea, too, so I’m happy to throw countless hours into this to facilitate as many people in tutu’s as possible! If you are in the New England area, consider coming up! Firefly is awesome, full or fun people, small (500 peeps, so smallish) and it’s BEAUTIFUL in the woods! And you can make a tutu. Which is rad 🙂 I have to say I’m amazed I got the grant. I wrote it after staying up for nearly 4 days strait, running around ROFLcon like a lunatic, sewing some more, dancing all night, then trying to rest before flying home. Let’s just say I was a basket case. I re-read the proposal today and it’s something else grammatically. No wonder they asked me to clarify a few things. . . xo!


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