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Katt Williams on War
May 13, 2008, 7:29 am
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If you coffee didn’t wake you up, this will!

I laffed and laffed. And nearly got coffee up my nose. Thank you to my friend friend in outer space for pointing this out!


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Katt totally blew up with the pimp chronicles. the entire stand up is stunning especially the Jackson bits.

Comment by aniche

Agreed 100% I’ve been watching the rest of his clips on youtube and just dying. His social commentary is really spot on. The clip where he describes women grinding on guys at the club, then acting self-righteous at the end of the night kills me. I don’t know if it’s the subject matter, or his sexy bump and grind with the microphone.

Comment by tesstessi

just to mention another genuinely funny bit in that routine is the one where Katt talks about how DMX can’t cheat cuz of his voice. if you haven’t heard it already you should, it’s amazing.i’ve downloaded the entire album.i believe it was worth downloading.his dance moves are funny as hell as well.

Comment by aniche

He was at his best in Pimp Chronicles 1. Let A Playa Live (Live from his hometown in Ohio) was the second best routine on DVD and American Hustle showed him going slightly down hill, to me. I saw him live Friday in DC, he was not as funny as PC1 but he came pretty close “with the price of gas”. (laughs) Chekc on being interviewed on The View.

Comment by Lady Di

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