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Mr Spock
May 16, 2008, 11:10 am
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A dude couchsurfing with me clued me into Nerf Herder a week or so ago, how awesome is the song!

I kind of like how the band member who plays spock is a bit hipster looking with those big black glasses, it really makes sense to me for some reason. Maybe I should eat breakfast.  I also think that i need to revisit my desire for a Star Trek uniform.


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Love it! The BC glasses are kewl (BC= birth control as in you’re so ugly wearing them they act as sex prevention. Mine have long vanished)

My brother had the straight black haircut in high school, everyone, including the teachers, called him Spock. This was when the series was still on TV in prime time!!!

I have four or five ST:NG shirts hanging in my basement closet. Larry wore his with shiny PVC hotpants at Burning Man. yep, five of us in Trek shirts roaming the playa. No one seemed to catch the irony.

Comment by maggiemayday

I’ve been dying for a pair BCG’s (birth control goggles, as they say in the marines). One of these days I’ll be rocking a pair. . .

Dude, was he flattered to be called Spock? I would have been.

And OMG shiny PVC hotpants with a ST:NG shirt is hilarious. I Love burning man but sometimes those incredibly subtle details can get lost in the boom boom boom.

Speaking of awesome shirts, I was gazing forlornly at the awesome “We’re dead. Really, Really dead” shirt the other day. I think I know how I’m going to reconstruct it. Then I will wear it every single god damn day.

And I just found something I’ve been meaning to mail you for like…6 months or more.. .

And I really really need to get out of my bathrobe. Now that school is out I’ve return to my old ways. ..

Comment by tesstessi

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