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Popped Collars
May 16, 2008, 11:39 am
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I participate in a street fashion group on flickr called wardrobe_remix. It’s become quite big and popular which is awesome, but it’s attracted quite a few perverts. I’ve personally had cowboy boot, cardigan, tights, and apron fetishists which I kind of get and don’t usually block them unless they are disgusting, demeaning or rude, or have pictures of their penis and ONLY their penis on their stream. Nothing against penis’s, I just think it seems rather single minded to have one thing on your stream, I wouldn’t talk to you long if all you talked about was your penis. Plus, hey, you don’t go whipping your penis out to a total stranger? Unless you are at burning man or something and I think that’s about the same as a handshake. But that’s a case of know your audience and respecting people’s wishes.

Anyway, one day there was a guy going around to the gals pics and saying “You’re hot, but you’d be hotter if your collar was popped.” or “What would you do if someone came up behind you and popped your collar?” I guess I’m not open minded enough, I seriously don’t get what’s hot about a popped collar. He harassed a lot of girls for about 2 weeks, then disappeared never to be heard of again. So, on that note, heres a great popped collar chart for you.

song chart memes
more song chart memes

And now for a chart made by me, hopefully with proper spelling! (click clicky so you can read the words)

I didn’t include the 2x I said penis in the graph, and the extra times I said penis (2x) to explain that. All in all this is a 900% increase in the times I’ve written about..well, you know….


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Too bad you missed the 80s.

Comment by maggiemayday

And as for wardrobe remix, I have hung onto some interesting things in my closet. You missed the green brocade muumuu, sorry.

Comment by maggiemayday

Yah, too bad. Instead I’m collecting 80’s fashions which many may argue are not fashion but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You are going to dye when you see this hilarious zip up satin jacket I got. It’s neon colored numbers on a black background. Don’t know if it’s 80’s, probably more early 90’s but it’s rad. Pics…eventually.

Comment by tesstessi

hehe, missed your 2nd comment. I’m regretting some of the interesting things I didn’t hold onto. Like the moon boots with the faux fur on the front. Used to see ’em all the time at the thrift, but not so much anymore. Is it just me or have the thrift stores changed as far as era goes? I used to find all sort of awesome 70’s stuff, now not so much. And Gunne Saxx dresses, can never find them, used to have a collection. Now I have only one, mom tossed ’em out when I moved from home 😦

Comment by tesstessi

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