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Why no posts today?
May 19, 2008, 11:50 pm
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Because I joined the roller derby. I didn’t get kicked or punched or pushed, yet. They went easy on me since it was my first day. I am so exhausted, I think I’ll go to bed before midnight. Holy phooking cow.

365 I Joined the Roller Derby

I like rainbows, btw. I am going to be purchasing the tulle very soon to make zillions, and zillions of tutu’s for the world. Rainbows tutus.


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The 70s just puked up in my head.

Comment by maggiemayday

Good, my plan worked. Maybe my Derby name can be Rainbow Vomit? Or Retro Rainbow Vomit? Technicolor Vomit?

Comment by tesstessi

Technicolor Yawn = puke.

I kinda like Rainbow Vomit. The Comet of Vomit. Somewhere over the BarfBag. Can’t Puke This.

Comment by maggiemayday

I came up with “Taste the Painbow” earlier, since it is derby and I need to sound as threatening as possible. . .

Comment by tesstessi

Deep announcer voice-over: “INtro-ducing the Rain-Bow of Death death death death.

Comment by maggiemayday

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