Miss Tess

Because this never gets old…

Over dubbing cartoons to make them naughty never gets old. Or it hasn’t yet.

Small story, then to bed. I am notoriously not aware of popular music. I usually listen to public radio or daydream. So I didn’t really know the Black Eyed Peas until I say the Alanis Morrisette version last spring:

And I was like, “WTF?” So then I watched all the Black Eyed Peas videos. And I enjoyed them, but at the same time I was disgusted with myself. I can’t figure out whether they are being tongue in cheek, though I doubt they are. Anyway, here we go for referance:

And just in case you wanted to know all the worlds, this version has subtitles. Don’t blame me if you bang your head on your keyboard after reading the lyrics. Consider yourself warned. I don’t want no drama.

ETA: Around the 2 minute mark on the Black Eyed Peas version of my humps it looks like the ladies are wearing tails. Turns out it’s just a towel/scarf..but I see this as a sign that furries are entering mainstream media.


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Wait a minute, I’m more aware of pop culture than you?

Looks around nervously.

Is this the apocalypse, or what?

I need help with the tags, sorry about the copy and paste. You may enjoy this Jonathan Coulton cover:

Comment by maggiemayday

Well, as an atheist I don’t think it’s the apocalypse. Maybe just an indication that if you don’t watch tv or listen to the radio you still can’t escape the clutches of Fergie?

And that you for the awesome JC cover. I am totally dying. I am saving it in my files for later. Imagine I said it like that guy with the stapler in Office Space, ie: “i’m sthaving it for my fiylzz”

Comment by tesstessi

[…] I usually listen to public radio or daydream. So I didn??t really know the black eyed peas until Ihttps://tesstessi.wordpress.com/2008/05/20/because-this-never-gets-old/’I’ve been a thorn in sides by existing’ Guardian UnlimitedArts & entertainment: Lucy O’Brien speaks […]

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