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Crackpot Theories

Now THIS is a website after my own heart. It’s called I Have A Theory and it’s for you, the reader, to submit YOUR theories on why things are. My personal favorite is:

Morley Safer

Morley Safer is actually a 6000 yr old Babylonian wizard. He wears a crystal around his neck that sucks the life from his interviewees and lives in a ziggurat in the sewers of New York City.

Bwahahahahha!!! What a perfect theory!! Sound like the sort of things that happens when you are intoxicated…

“noo..dude. I got a better one. No i’m serious okay. Just a sec…so, like, Morley Safer. . .”

In the spirit of participation I’ll write a theory of my own that may or may not be based on reality: “If you are at a sports/boob/meat market bar and you are arguing with someone about whether Terri Gross is a journalist and whether Carl Kasell is god or not…. maybe, just maybe, you should have stayed at home and watched “Prairie Home Companion” and went to bed at 10 instead of going on that pub crawl.”

Feel free to join in with your opinion on the matter.

ETA: I just read Carl Kasell’s wiki entry and discovered he’s from North Carolina which brings me to my next theory, “National Public Radio is actually North Carolina Public Radio. Every time I tuned in to ANY show there is at least one caller or guest from North Carolina.” I swear. It’s true. And this new discovery about Carl Kasell proves it. Most listeners of Public Radio are from Charlotte NC to be specific.


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