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4 Steps to Pink Brows
May 24, 2008, 8:35 am
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Pre-pink brow tips: Leave all self respect, self consciousness, and taste at the door. Let us begin.

The 4 Steps to Pink Brows

1. Apply bleach. If you have dark brows use a toner to remove the red. That’s why the bleach is that yucky grey color.
2. After desired lift is reached, grimace at yourself in the mirror. Feel confident in that fact that you were correct when you said you’d look horrible bald, even though this is just your brows.
3. Apply dye. If you are cautious consider using some sort of barrier on your skin such as vaseline. If you are me, just do it. I mixed my two hair colors together to get a medium/vivid pink.
4. After dye is dry (or you are bored, or you just feel like washing it off) Wash it off. If you did not use vaseline, scrub brow vigorously. Pluck eyebrows into a decent shape. Now that you’ve dyed your brow all those blond hairs are now pink and you look like you have wooky brows.

I’m not sure about how I feel with them yet, they are kinda bright! I felt that way about the hair, though, so I’m guessing once I’m used to it I’ll be fine.  I’m certainly the only person in town with pink brows, that’s for sure.


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Bravery comes in so many colors!

Comment by maggiemayday

The pink brows are supremely badass! Oh, and the top right photo illustrates the natural state of my own brows…damnit.

Comment by Winona

maggiemayday: I’m not sure if it’s bravery or insanity…but bravery sounds better so we’ll leave it at that 😉

Winona: Well, if you want non-see through eyebrows I guess just follow steps 3 and 4 😉 PS I love your blog so much!!!

Comment by tesstessi

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