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*Dammit, sorry no posts
May 30, 2008, 11:34 am
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Bad bad bad girl. For not posting yesterday I should be punished. Like these people!

My friend Claire pointed out this charming video the other day, and my head is spinning with the excitement of it. I camp with the *fucking awesome Anti-M and her “Home for Wayward Art” at burning man, and the thoughts of a swear jar for the camp seemed like so much fun! It was decided that you had to put something, anything really so long as it’s not sticky, in the jar if you walk past naked. Simple as that. I’m excited. Time to go find a really *fucking huge 10 gallon pickle jar are something.

*getting a head start since I’m not naked right now


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I’d be excited with a fucking ten gallon pickle.

Oh. Jar. Pickle jar. Never mind.

Comment by maggiemayday

I’d be excited about a 10 gallon pickle, too. It probably exists in Japan.

Comment by tesstessi

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