Miss Tess

Miss Tess Costume

Busy working on stuff for my show, check out what I’ve been up to!

More from Miss Tess Costume!

Click on the photo to see it up close! Here’s the descriptions of the garments left to right:

Circus Ballerina Dress: This is from my personal collection. Old prom dress reconstructed to be awesome. I added panties w/snaps on the crotch after a disastrous evening at a club…I had tights, a bathing suit, and underpants on and it was very difficult to go to the bathroom! John washed this so it’s a little wrinkled, since it’s dry clean only 😦

Hello Nurse Crinoline: I love crinolines, and love to wear them on their own! This can be worn as a skirt, the appliqué makes is saucy and the pocket makes it practical, or wear it underneath something!

Bunny Mutant Dress: Andy is a mutant alien bunny. His parents landed on earth and set up their burrow near a nuclear waste treatment facility. He had only 1 eye and 2 noses, but he’s happy and doesn’t mind.

Big Bow Dress: This is from my personal collection. I received this dress from a costume donation thing at burning man last year. I couldn’t exactly go selling it, that wouldn’t be cool! It was super stained and super unflattering. I gave it a big sparkley bow, a big pink bow on the waist, and pink rick rack on the bottom!

I heart Alice Crinoline: This reconstructed cutie reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! Wear it was a crinoline or a skirt, the hearts are pockets!!

Leopard Star: A reconstructed slip with black, green and white stars and leopard print ruffly trim!

I am a little bit nervous, it’s getting closer and closer to the show! I need to do so much and I’m beginning to feel a bit lightheaded thinking about it! And it doesn’t help that editing photos sucks up a ridiculous amount of time! Then I feel as if I have to TELL EVERYONE and show them since I put so much time into it…and here we are, at 1 am with a totally dirty house in need to cleaning since someone is coming over tomorrow, and 100 items to sew in 9 days. AHHHHHHH

Anyway, before I have a nervous breakdown thinking about it…here’s more pics!!

Leopard Star

"Hello Nurse" Crinoline

"I heart Alice" Crinoline

Bow Dress

Bunny Mutant Dress

And the grande finale, my favorite! My circus ballerina dress! Made for D6 in boston, and promptly broken in by pouring my disgusting drink on it. Watermelon vodko+tang+a handful of limes. Yes, a handful. I don’t know what was going through my head. Oh yeah, i know what it was. “OMG there are so many lime! I want a handful!”

365 Le Circus Ballerina


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