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Fake Fruit Anyone??
July 12, 2008, 3:39 am
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This is going to be short and sweet (and totally x-posted to my other blogs). I really should be sleeping but instead I’m dwelling and thinking of new projects.

Several months ago I took this picture:

365 Doing Isabella Blow Proud

And I have it in my head that I must make a real grbaha out of fake bananas. So that I can wear it. Or have it. Or whatever.  So then I started searching online for fake fruits…and the cheapest I found were on ebay, but I really don’t need to spend 50 dollars on a ridiculous amount of fake fruit.

SOooo….my question to you, the peoples of the internet, is do you have any faux fruit laying around? Bananas would be the most awesome (I have a fixation on them) but any fruit would do.  I can trade, or pay shipping, or work out some sort of agreement. I’d just rather go for the trade/barter route since I’m supposed to be saving my monies for things that are necessities. Boo responsibility, but yay internet for PUTTING PEOPLE TOGETHER. People who don’t want fake fruit and those who do.

And now for something completely different, I got my picture in the paper! Looking crazy, as usual:

Miss Tess in the paper!!

Hurray!! I’m so excited!! I’m as equally as excited for the press as Maxine is (insert emotion here) about riding her bicycle backwards:

Maxine strikes again

Confusion? Bewilderment? Who knows. It’s funny.

So, in closing, cats are funny, Tess looks crazy in photographs, and fake fruit is desired by me for crafts. That is all.  Be excellent to each other



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You look fantasmically seusical in that newspaper print 🙂

…can your cat come over & teach me that trick?

&&&&..sadly , I have no fake fruit but I will however be on the lookout!

Comment by Johanna

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