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Still Caturday
July 16, 2008, 8:06 pm
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Sorry, it’s going to be caturday for the rest of the day (it’s normally saturday i think but I’m going to be out of town) because cat stuff just keeps showing up in my inbox/bloglines/etc.

You may have seen this and this, so here we go…part 3!

Those of us who have cats are giggling in companionship to this poor man, we have all been there. Marilyn, my calico, loves to jump dramatically (and clumsily) onto my hands while I’m typing and sit there.  She then acts bitchy if I try to move my hands from under her and god forbid I try to TYPE!  My computer desk is a big old fashion number with a roll down front, pull out space for my keyboard and my scanner/printer/scale/lots of junk resides on top. Maxine is a big fan of sitting on top so she can ride the
printer +/or scanner. It’s cool (other than cat hair occasionally getting into the printer!!!) until she jumps down onto the wobbly keyboard area and I race to grab my coffee from falling onto the keyboard. Good times.

I’m reckoning that the non-cat owners are staring at the video thinking “THIS IS WHY I DON’T HAVE A CAT!” but I’d like to note that Lily can have just as many silly/pesky habits. No need to get into them today, but she does steal the whole bed/couch/office chair + sticks her butt in my face. Yay pets!


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