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Hearts Galore!
February 18, 2009, 10:15 pm
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A few weeks ago one of my favorite blogs, Doe Deere, posted a little contest: Must Be Hearts. I thought I would incorporate that into my weekly self portrait and had just enough time to take my pic and get it entered. Of course I’m terrible with dates and times and goofed up the day of the week and sadly missed the deadline by 24 hours. Much better than the time I missed a plane flight by 24 hours by a long shot!!

Things of course got busy, I got the flu (cough cough) and I didn’t get a chance to edit it until today! So here it is in all it’s heart shaped glory!

52 weeks, week 6.  Hearts

I found this giant rhinestone on the floor at my work and I’m quite taken with it. I am hoping I can find more giant rhinestones so I can accomplish such lofty goals as: gluing them to things, sticking them to my face, making refrigerator magnets (this is a subset of thing 1) and putting them in bowls and gazing upon their plastic shininess. Not a lot of free time these days what with working and commuting and having a dog and being sick, but I’ll take time out of my schedule for rhinestones.

While we are on the topic of hearts, I had a valentine making party a few weeks ago! I only successfully made 1 valentine and it was more of the deranged type than the pretty type. I’ll have to take a pic. It involves a deconstructed Boobah, a plastic baby doll head and lots of glitter. I gave it to my roommate Neil who thought it was absolutely divine. Have I talked about Boobah’s here?? Soon, soon if I haven’t.

Valentine making was so much fun even though it was just 3 of us. Gals at work were jealous (maybe not, let’s pretend) and now I’m going to have weekly craft nights at my place! I’m super excited and hope it turns into a big fun thing! The suggested theme is “Flowers” or bring what you are working on, and the secondary theme is cheap champagne.

Anyway that’s it for now! Time to eat some dinner!

PS I should say yay for M.A.C for making my skin look pretty! Plus, my new turquoise liner is amazing. It doesn’t come off in the shower, or while swimming and it’s an amazing color!


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Where did you get that rhinestone!? it is fabulous! I am trying to make a costume and it would be perfect. Please reply!

Comment by Melissa

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