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Hearts Galore!
February 18, 2009, 10:15 pm
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A few weeks ago one of my favorite blogs, Doe Deere, posted a little contest: Must Be Hearts. I thought I would incorporate that into my weekly self portrait and had just enough time to take my pic and get it entered. Of course I’m terrible with dates and times and goofed up the day of the week and sadly missed the deadline by 24 hours. Much better than the time I missed a plane flight by 24 hours by a long shot!!

Things of course got busy, I got the flu (cough cough) and I didn’t get a chance to edit it until today! So here it is in all it’s heart shaped glory!

52 weeks, week 6.  Hearts

I found this giant rhinestone on the floor at my work and I’m quite taken with it. I am hoping I can find more giant rhinestones so I can accomplish such lofty goals as: gluing them to things, sticking them to my face, making refrigerator magnets (this is a subset of thing 1) and putting them in bowls and gazing upon their plastic shininess. Not a lot of free time these days what with working and commuting and having a dog and being sick, but I’ll take time out of my schedule for rhinestones.

While we are on the topic of hearts, I had a valentine making party a few weeks ago! I only successfully made 1 valentine and it was more of the deranged type than the pretty type. I’ll have to take a pic. It involves a deconstructed Boobah, a plastic baby doll head and lots of glitter. I gave it to my roommate Neil who thought it was absolutely divine. Have I talked about Boobah’s here?? Soon, soon if I haven’t.

Valentine making was so much fun even though it was just 3 of us. Gals at work were jealous (maybe not, let’s pretend) and now I’m going to have weekly craft nights at my place! I’m super excited and hope it turns into a big fun thing! The suggested theme is “Flowers” or bring what you are working on, and the secondary theme is cheap champagne.

Anyway that’s it for now! Time to eat some dinner!

PS I should say yay for M.A.C for making my skin look pretty! Plus, my new turquoise liner is amazing. It doesn’t come off in the shower, or while swimming and it’s an amazing color!


Maxine is at it again, again
July 16, 2008, 1:51 am
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Oh boy, that darn cat has a thing for the bicycle!!

Maxine strikes again, again

It always amuses me how and what people find funny/interesting on flickr. Even more interesting is what FLICKR deems interesting. As it stands Maxine is #37 on Explore right now as far as “more interesting picture” of Monday July 14 goes. Pretty funny!

And for kicks, lets go through some of Maxine’s classic moments. See previous post for another bicycle pic, and here’s another:

Bicycling, Ur Doin Wrong

Here’s Maxine on the drafting table (don’t you keep yours on the porch??) near the bicycle:

Three Views of Maxine, Part 3

Scared of my hat:

Maxine is scared of my hat

And pretty much the most classic of all:


That darn cat, she’s sure got that suprise/eyes wide open look going for her!

Enough cat talk, back to regular posting of stupid videos tomorrow yay!

Back from Crafty Bastards

Wahoo!! I’m back, finally, from Crafty Bastards! I’m still recovering. After I left DC I went to Boston to prep for the Firefly Festival where I was hosting DIY Costumefest 2008, holla. This involved cutting about 450 yards of tulle into 3″ stripsfor the people to make tutu’s!! Tutu’s pics forthcoming. For now, let’s talk about CB’s!!

It was a great show, lots of fun and tons of awesome people! I finally got to meet my long time internet friends Spooky Daddy and Spooky Mama!

I totally didn’t get a picture with them, I’m such a dork! Whenever Spooky Daddy would come over to interview me with Uncle Loomis or just say HI it got totally nutso and crowded. Which is juuust fine with me. I demand a rain check though!!

Another fun internet meet up happened, this time with pics! I guess I’ve been pretty quiet on my flickr about my new business, my long time flickr friend Lollyknit totally didn’t know i was going to be there! Lookit her all classy and put together. Lookit me all….crazy like.

Lollyknit and me!

You know what’s even weirder than weird?? Her sister lives in the same town as me. Crazy. She’s moving soon but hopefully Miss Lolly will be down there before then and we will ROCK the Trent River coffee Shop like there is no tomorrow.

I wish I’d gotten a few pics of my new friend Ariel, I stayed at her house via couchsurfing.com and had a great time talking to her about politics, gender politics, and human flesh grown in petri dishes. She also fed me amazing vegan cupcakes and vegan mac and cheese. One of the best 6 hour stays I’ve ever had!!

I also didn’t get pics of my friends Bonnie, Kate and Skye who I stayed with in Baltimore. They came down to New Bern and hung out with me in February, and we’ve become friends. I had a great time talking about art, the meaning of live, and music. Next time I’m up that way I’m SO hanging out with them, a great time was had by all especially if you gauge things by the hangover I had.

That’s all I can think about as far as notable events goes, other than my circus tent breaking and me needing to scramble at the last second to get a display set up. And not to mention my extremely anti-climatic run in with the judicial system of our country. I had to appear in court for a 78 in a 55mph speeding ticket the Friday I left for DC, and the court was 2 hours away. I was expecting the BOOK to be thrown at me. Jail. License revoked. Tearful pleadings to the judge about how I was shown no leniency because of my pink hair. Instead…I sat in pews for an hour. Then the District Attorney gave me a piece of red paper and said that I have to go to Defensive Driving School. I’ll probably get charged like 500 bucks for the “Consultation”, but I have a court date far in the future so hopefully I’ll be able to save some dough for that.

Anyway, enough of that chat…let’s bring on the pics!!

Ma Booth. I had a white tent with black polka dots. My whole tent was going to look like a circus. Instead…it was this, which worked considering the left secondness of it all!

Ma Booth, let me show it to you

Ma Sign. Sam painted it, saved my life!! Lesson learned: sometimes it’s okay to hire help for tasks that you a. aren’t good at and b. don’t have time to do:

Ma Sign, let me show it to you

My self portrait of the day, reflections from inside a mutant aliens eye:

365 Eye See You

What I wore, isn’t that rainbow visor FIERCE!!!!!

Wardrobe Remix day 166

Now for some STUFF!!! These little guys were very popular and loved. They are mutant alien pouches. They have a loop sewn onto the back so you can wear them on your belt. I don’t know about you, but when I’m out and about I tend to lose things and I HATE carrying a purse if I’m dancing. So, voila, my solution to the problem! Plus they are adorable, each has it’s own personality.

Alien Mutant Belt Patches all in a row

Here’s a pouch or two close up, aren’t they adorable??! My friend Sara has the purple one 🙂 I really should ask her what she named it. I call the 2nd guy “Fredrico” but whoever owns it can call it whatever they want!

Alien Belt Pouch!

Alien Belt Pouch!

Eyeball brooches. People didn’t realize what they were until they saw the sign. Weird!

Eyeball Brooches

Mutant Alien Bags. Some have had unfortunate accidents or grotesque mutations. A few are just very, very near sighted. I just love the idea of aliens with glasses.

Mutant Alien Bags

Here’s another purse close up, mutant alien jellyfish! I love him. Even though his tentacles totally look like udders.

Alien Jellyfish Purse

Here’s one of my embellished alien tops. I have a few that sold that I don’t have pics of!! This one is still available. I might keep it for myself!! The mannequin is also modeling a completed tutu kit. I love this color and I’m out!! I gifted the tutu to my friend Laura at Firefly so I guess i need to order more!!

Alien Squid Top

Okay this is Miss Tess signing out!! I’ll hopefully have the shop up and running in the next week. I only have about 1/2 of my stuff left but I’ll do what I can! Tutu Kits! Aliens! Dresses! And More!!

xoxoxo Miss Tess

Miss Tess Costume

Busy working on stuff for my show, check out what I’ve been up to!

More from Miss Tess Costume!

Click on the photo to see it up close! Here’s the descriptions of the garments left to right:

Circus Ballerina Dress: This is from my personal collection. Old prom dress reconstructed to be awesome. I added panties w/snaps on the crotch after a disastrous evening at a club…I had tights, a bathing suit, and underpants on and it was very difficult to go to the bathroom! John washed this so it’s a little wrinkled, since it’s dry clean only 😦

Hello Nurse Crinoline: I love crinolines, and love to wear them on their own! This can be worn as a skirt, the appliqué makes is saucy and the pocket makes it practical, or wear it underneath something!

Bunny Mutant Dress: Andy is a mutant alien bunny. His parents landed on earth and set up their burrow near a nuclear waste treatment facility. He had only 1 eye and 2 noses, but he’s happy and doesn’t mind.

Big Bow Dress: This is from my personal collection. I received this dress from a costume donation thing at burning man last year. I couldn’t exactly go selling it, that wouldn’t be cool! It was super stained and super unflattering. I gave it a big sparkley bow, a big pink bow on the waist, and pink rick rack on the bottom!

I heart Alice Crinoline: This reconstructed cutie reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! Wear it was a crinoline or a skirt, the hearts are pockets!!

Leopard Star: A reconstructed slip with black, green and white stars and leopard print ruffly trim!

I am a little bit nervous, it’s getting closer and closer to the show! I need to do so much and I’m beginning to feel a bit lightheaded thinking about it! And it doesn’t help that editing photos sucks up a ridiculous amount of time! Then I feel as if I have to TELL EVERYONE and show them since I put so much time into it…and here we are, at 1 am with a totally dirty house in need to cleaning since someone is coming over tomorrow, and 100 items to sew in 9 days. AHHHHHHH

Anyway, before I have a nervous breakdown thinking about it…here’s more pics!!

Leopard Star

"Hello Nurse" Crinoline

"I heart Alice" Crinoline

Bow Dress

Bunny Mutant Dress

And the grande finale, my favorite! My circus ballerina dress! Made for D6 in boston, and promptly broken in by pouring my disgusting drink on it. Watermelon vodko+tang+a handful of limes. Yes, a handful. I don’t know what was going through my head. Oh yeah, i know what it was. “OMG there are so many lime! I want a handful!”

365 Le Circus Ballerina

Miss Tess Costume Preview
June 16, 2008, 3:41 pm
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I’m working on stuff for my first craft fair with Miss Tess Costume, Crafty Bastards in DC!. Check it out, glitzy appliqued party dresses, some klown stuff, and an alien mutant monster bunny dress!!

Crafty Bastards Preview

Mutant Bunny Detail

You know what they say. . .
June 14, 2008, 1:15 pm
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When life gives you butterflies, make lemonade. I mean, wear them on your head.

365 Butterfly Head

My long time friend Becca sent these to me unaware with my obsession. I’ve been dying for butterflies since seeing a ridiculous hat by Philip Treacy on the Alexander McQueen runway, more or less a helmet full of fake butterflies. Of course my town does not have such frivolous items as butterflies so I was left pining. But now, no more!

I’ll be back to posting on monday. I go heat exhaustion in Atlanta, then my internet was broken for 4 days. I nearly lost it.

Despite it all…
May 25, 2008, 6:54 pm
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I manged to get a little bit of work done. Voila, le blue and pink tutu for my friend Jennoit.

365 Blue and Pink Tutu for you!

I’m amazed I didn’t sew through my finger! During the photo shoot I almost passed out, oi!