Miss Tess

Daily Capybara

I feel like I’m always behind the curve when it comes it hearing about new, cool things.  Like raves, Gunther, the color black, and the joys of creme brullee.  Well not today! My friend told me about this amazing website devoted entirely to capybara’s (the world’s largest rodent) that his friend writes and updates daily.  I feel like I’m an early adopter of something that’s going to be very very cool very soon.
My personal favorite post, called “Free, Free at last” has this picture and caption:


” Here are beautiful capybaras in the wild in Venezuela. Run, capybaras! Don’t let Chavez nationalize your industry!”

Amazing!  And, in unprecedented blog news, this post has prompted me to create a new category called, “Animals that aren’t cats or dogs” which will probably shake things up around here.