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Flying Pizza Kitty
January 21, 2009, 1:21 am
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One of my friends, who is constantly showing me wonderful things that I then post here, showed me the Flying Pizza Kitty today. It is simply amazing:

I recommend watching all of them and playing the games. So simple, yet totally amazing. I love it when the kitties tail flicks, such kitty accuracy in 8-bit animation!


July 16, 2008, 8:11 pm
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My friend Mandy has a silly little kitty name Noodle, AKA Nu, AKA the Nu Nu Monster.  Nu had a rough start, she was found in a car and lost a toe + part of her tail but now she’s doing super well and she’s an internet celebrity:

Congrats Nu, I always knu you’d be famous. Sniff.

Still Caturday
July 16, 2008, 8:06 pm
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Sorry, it’s going to be caturday for the rest of the day (it’s normally saturday i think but I’m going to be out of town) because cat stuff just keeps showing up in my inbox/bloglines/etc.

You may have seen this and this, so here we go…part 3!

Those of us who have cats are giggling in companionship to this poor man, we have all been there. Marilyn, my calico, loves to jump dramatically (and clumsily) onto my hands while I’m typing and sit there.  She then acts bitchy if I try to move my hands from under her and god forbid I try to TYPE!  My computer desk is a big old fashion number with a roll down front, pull out space for my keyboard and my scanner/printer/scale/lots of junk resides on top. Maxine is a big fan of sitting on top so she can ride the
printer +/or scanner. It’s cool (other than cat hair occasionally getting into the printer!!!) until she jumps down onto the wobbly keyboard area and I race to grab my coffee from falling onto the keyboard. Good times.

I’m reckoning that the non-cat owners are staring at the video thinking “THIS IS WHY I DON’T HAVE A CAT!” but I’d like to note that Lily can have just as many silly/pesky habits. No need to get into them today, but she does steal the whole bed/couch/office chair + sticks her butt in my face. Yay pets!

Maxine is at it again, again
July 16, 2008, 1:51 am
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Oh boy, that darn cat has a thing for the bicycle!!

Maxine strikes again, again

It always amuses me how and what people find funny/interesting on flickr. Even more interesting is what FLICKR deems interesting. As it stands Maxine is #37 on Explore right now as far as “more interesting picture” of Monday July 14 goes. Pretty funny!

And for kicks, lets go through some of Maxine’s classic moments. See previous post for another bicycle pic, and here’s another:

Bicycling, Ur Doin Wrong

Here’s Maxine on the drafting table (don’t you keep yours on the porch??) near the bicycle:

Three Views of Maxine, Part 3

Scared of my hat:

Maxine is scared of my hat

And pretty much the most classic of all:


That darn cat, she’s sure got that suprise/eyes wide open look going for her!

Enough cat talk, back to regular posting of stupid videos tomorrow yay!

Fake Fruit Anyone??
July 12, 2008, 3:39 am
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This is going to be short and sweet (and totally x-posted to my other blogs). I really should be sleeping but instead I’m dwelling and thinking of new projects.

Several months ago I took this picture:

365 Doing Isabella Blow Proud

And I have it in my head that I must make a real grbaha out of fake bananas. So that I can wear it. Or have it. Or whatever.  So then I started searching online for fake fruits…and the cheapest I found were on ebay, but I really don’t need to spend 50 dollars on a ridiculous amount of fake fruit.

SOooo….my question to you, the peoples of the internet, is do you have any faux fruit laying around? Bananas would be the most awesome (I have a fixation on them) but any fruit would do.  I can trade, or pay shipping, or work out some sort of agreement. I’d just rather go for the trade/barter route since I’m supposed to be saving my monies for things that are necessities. Boo responsibility, but yay internet for PUTTING PEOPLE TOGETHER. People who don’t want fake fruit and those who do.

And now for something completely different, I got my picture in the paper! Looking crazy, as usual:

Miss Tess in the paper!!

Hurray!! I’m so excited!! I’m as equally as excited for the press as Maxine is (insert emotion here) about riding her bicycle backwards:

Maxine strikes again

Confusion? Bewilderment? Who knows. It’s funny.

So, in closing, cats are funny, Tess looks crazy in photographs, and fake fruit is desired by me for crafts. That is all.  Be excellent to each other


Carlie and the Mystery Purse
July 10, 2008, 2:09 pm
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Man on man, I was going through my emails today and found this 1 million year old email from my sister, Carlie, with this cute video:

This is Maxine, she likes boxes, tutus, and being inside things she isn’t supposed to be in. I love her. Thanks Carlie for the great video, and thank Thunderbird for organizing my emails in a weird way today and helping me dig up things I’d long since forgotten!!

Blarghity Blargh
May 20, 2008, 10:54 am
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today I feel like this:

So instead of just throwing the blankets over my head I’m going to watch this:

And if that doesn’t totally work, I know for a fact that this one will:

I love the expression of the other cat at the end.

Now that the cats have made me feel better, I’m going to go drown myself in cleaning.